Who we are

Development of Business Women Export Abilities Association (DBWEAA) is a self financed and independent NGO, formed in 2000 under Egyptian Law no 84 for the year 2002, registration # 1343.

  Our Objectives

The main objective of DBWEAA is to help the Alexandrian SMEs to develop their exports. DBWEAA will help SMEs who are unable to participate individually in trade fairs and expositions by promoting their products in DBWEAA Catalogue Display Program (CDP) in Egypt and abroad

help SMEs to make international promotion for their product through international trade fairs, conferences, seminars, network meetings, as well as business exploration trips and develop relationships with similar international organizations.

assist SMEs in their first steps with the electronic commerce through the internet and DBWEAA databases covering transactions and pre-trade stages

  Latest news

 DBWEAA now provide the SMEs with a wide range of educational activities (training programs, seminars and workshops) customized to each cluster and enterprise.



Canadian International

Development Agency



Bussiness Development Support Project BDSSP


  Our Partner

DBWEAA will cooperate for the next six years with the Business Development Services Support Project (BDSSP) funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to provide technical assistance and export development services to 40 SMEs mainly in 4 clusters (food, furniture, textile and leather), as well as to promote their products / services in the international market.

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